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His Name is My Name


Created by Jongsma + O'Neill

full documentary available @ instagram:


director: Eline Jongsma, Kel O'Neill

production: Jongsma + O'Neill

co-production: Bas Vroege for Paradox

illustrator/animation director: Brglesitta

animation assistance: items

designer: Imagination of Things

music: San-Re

sound design: Arnoud Traa

We have been helping our colleague Brglesitta with the animations for His Name Is My Name, an Instagram-based animated documentary series that explores how the crimes of WWII-era perpetrators still reverberate through today’s society, shaking the foundations of our homes and our families. Directed by Part detective thriller and part personal visual essay, His Name Is My Name tracks Eline Jongsma’s investigation into her family’s history and shines a light into a still-dark corner of Europe’s past.

Read more about HNIMN here:
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