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Design by Jože Plečnik

Production: items

As this year is almost coming to an end, looking back, we have been busier than ever. It was less “garage boy band” and more “we have an office” type of a year.

It turns out, we were lucky enough to have gotten an office located on the ground floor of this iconic building, called Peglezen, designed by Plečnik in 1932.


When Plečnik was making plans for the new city hall on the nearby Vodnikov Square, he realised the potential of the urban accent at the corner of a nearby street. A building of a similar shape had once stood on this spot, which was demolished after the earthquake. Because of the narrow and pointed plot, the building was known as Peglezen, mainly because of its shape, which resembles an iron. The same name was also given to the building that Plečnik designed in 1932. In front of the main facade, he placed a tall wooden mast on a round base, visible from the threshold of the city hall and in a straight line with the Robb fountain, thus becoming another one of Plečnik”s connecting points that unite the city as a whole.

P.S. As you may have heard, this year also marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Jože Plečnik. Hence we decided to create three works depicting the building, in ways we know best: an illustration, a rendering and a model.

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