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Islamic Religious and Cultural Center

Design: bevk perović architects
Project team:  Matija Bevk


Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Type: public

Vasa J. Perović
Andrej Ukmar
Christophe Riss
Ida Sedušak
Irene Salord Vila
Tina Marn
Blaž Goričan
Rok Gerbec
Urban Petranovic
Radim Louda
Josef Kalčik
Tomas Holub
Davorin Počivašek
Maša Kovač


Produced by: items
Co-directed: Žan Šabeder, Jan Krek
Dop: Jan Krek, Žan Šabeder
Edit: Žan Šabeder, Jan Krek
Assistant: Jure Brglez, Gregor Vidmar
Music author: Blaž Avsenik
Sound producer: Oskar Cafnik
Special thanks to: Nevzet Porić

In 2020 we worked on a short architectural documentary depicting the recently built Islamic mosque in Ljubljana. Despite the fact that the facility is located in one of the most devastating plots in this part of the city, the newly built Islamic cultural and religious centre has become the generative core of the entire future district.

1aksonometrija copy.jpg
Addition to Islamic Religious and Cultural Center


Design by bevk perovic architects

created by: Gregor Vidmar, Zan Sabeder

In addition to the video, we also generated a couple of renders of a new hybrid building with different facade options, next to the existing IRCC structure. Based on our visualizations, a final version was chosen.

5od dalec.jpg
1aksonometrija copy.jpg
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