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XXS house


Designed by Dekleva Gregorič architects

Project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Project date: 2002 – 2004
Completion date: 2004
Area: 43 m2
Type: residential
Client: private


Produced by: Items
Co-directed: Žan Šabeder, Jan Krek
Dop: Jan Krek
Creative assistant: Gregor Vidmar
Edit: Žan Šabeder, Gregor Vidmar, Jan Krek
Music author: Jakob Žerdin
Sound producers: Oskar Cafnik, Žan Šabeder,


Special Thanks to: Vladimira & Marko Dekleva,


Jan Krek

Boris Jazbečar

First in a row of short films made for Dekleva Gregoric architects as part of the architectural documentary mini-series. 

XXS House was the first realized project by Dekleva Gregoric architects. Located in the historic neighbourhood of Krakovo, in the vicinity of the city center, lies this urban holiday home with a footprint no bigger than a service shed. We enjoyed meeting the architect's parents who were kind enough to invite us to their home, and share their stories about this interesting piece of architecture.

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