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Sunken studio


Design: Dekleva Gregorič architects

project team: Aljoša Dekleva

                      Tina Gregorič

                      Lea Kovič

location: Škofja Loka, Slovenia
project date: 2003
completion date: 2018
area: 48 m2
type: office space
client: Studio Miklavc
source: commission


Produced by: items
Co-directed: Žan Šabeder, Jan Krek
Dop: Matic Zavodnik, Jan Krek
Edit: Žan Šabeder, Gregor Vidmar, Jan Krek
Music author: Blaž Avsenik
Sound producer: Oskar Cafnik
Special Thanks to: Studio Miklavc, Anja Zupanec

The film is part of an architectural documentary mini-series for Dekleva Gregoric architects. The sunken studio was built as a workspace for Studio Miklavc, an industrial design studio based in Škofja Loka. This hidden underground addition is placed in the unused backyard of a typical row house where the studio's founder lives.

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